My Art

For years I have enjoyed the process of painting.  I guess I have my mom to thank for that.  She used to make my brother and I sit down at least once a year and paint.  It was simple really.  We would sit outside with our canvas and paints and just..well..paint.  These were fun times for all of us, little did my mom know she was igniting a spark in me that would last a lifetime.

Over the last 2 years I have taken the beginning steps of turning that spark into a business.  Encouraged by the personal sales to friends and family, I decided it was worth a shot.  Research and exploration peaked my interest in Etsy.  So with the purchase of a few "Dummie" books I have now opened my very own Etsy store,
 The Sparkling Hippie.  

I am still very new to the Etsy community.  I am learning a little each day but having fun doing it!  Anyway, you can sample some of my artwork by viewing the images below, which are linked to my Etsy shop.  Click the thumbnail to see the full item listing on my Etsy storefront.  You can also go directly to my store by following this link:
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