My name is Haley.  It means, "Field of Hay," which is pretty cool because my dad is a farmer.  I am always outgoing, happy-go-lucky and on top of things.  I plan and prepare a lot of things.  My life is full of adventure and excitement and I wouldn't have it any other way.

But then, there is the side of me that yearns to be nourished.  There is a deepness in my soul that I currently can only draw forth through painting and writing.  These creative outlets are a spiritual release for me.  It brings me hope, refreshment, freedom.

Letting go is hard, and being vulnerable is even harder.  Perhaps when I let down my guard I will say what I've always wanted to say.

I started blogging in 2010 when I realized I had a lot more to say than 150 characters worth of mush.  I have passion and confidence--maybe too much--but regardless, I needed to put it out there.  So I began a blog called "Divine Dating."  Divine Dating was full of stories and opinions about the way our culture dates versus the Word of God.  Why?  Was a question I often asked.

After 3 years of focusing on dating and marriage and love and relationships, I found myself growing into writing about other topics as well, so in 2013 I combined Divine Dating with a secret blog I had been posting to and called it American Honey.

American Honey is a collection of stories about living for Christ in the middle of American culture.  It challenges its readers with questions and thoughts about the spirituality and freedom that come with adulthood.  The blog aims to encourage and connect with other twenty-somethings exploring life.

I think people who know me in real life get caught up in the whole blogging thing when they discover my site.  It's like my opinions on here define me.  That's not the case at all.  I don't claim to be an expert at anything.  I simply have questions, opinions, thoughts and emotions that I like to dabble in.  These things are all messy and personal, yet I find relief when I put them in writing and send them out in the web for other people to play with.  I am interested in hearing others people's responses.  Are they similar?  Am I different?  Is this a new thought?

Writing (and painting) are the two places in my life that are free.  It's where I let my guard down and be.

Yes, be.

Being is hard, but here I be.

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